Acasă English Investments of 130 million euros for Brașov Airport, higher than those for...

Investments of 130 million euros for Brașov Airport, higher than those for the airports in Cluj, Iași, or Timișoara


The major airports in Romania, as well as critical air infrastructure, are benefitting from significant investments of almost 1 billion euros, as a result of the increasing flow of passengers transiting Romania on air routes, as well as of the strategic decisions to strengthen the NATO bases in Romania. The top of the investments is dominated by „Henri Coandă” International Airport Bucharest, followed closely by Brașov International Airport.

Thus, for „Henri Coandă” International Airport Bucharest, 163 million euros will be invested in the modernization of the runway and in the expansion of the aircraft parking platform (project span 2022-2024); 130 million euros for Brașov International Airport (operational June 15th, 2023); 100 million euros for Craiova International Airport (deadline 2024); 61 million euros for Iași International Airport (deadline 2023); 27 million euros for „Delta Dunării” Airport Tulcea; 46 million euros for „Avram Iancu” International Airport Cluj-Napoca; 37 million euros for „Mihail Kogălniceanu” International Airport Constanța; and 17 million euros for „Traian Vuia” International Airport Timișoara.

„Romania is an important hub for both business travel and medical and even general, seasonal tourism. Due to the recent regional context and geopolitical strategic decisions, we expect an increasingly high volume of investments in the critical air infrastructure,” said Alina Bilan, partner and public procurement specialist, ONV LAW.